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Whom to have as companion? | Life partner and company.

Whom to have as companion? | Life partner and company.

It is something which everybody wants to have in their lives. Its not that living life is impossible without it but it makes the life better, smooth, exciting and more happening. Therefore it becomes an important decision whom to consider your companion and also to become that person's companion.

Lets begin the thoughts that "should" surround:

1) Who can be a companion?

A) A best friend.                                                                                                        

     A family member.

     BF/GF (with the intention of future spouse).



2) How many companions to have?

A) Probably 1.

     Even that is difficult to find.                 


3) What are the qualities of a companion?

A) First of all, there has to be mutual feelings in both the persons involved for this relation to work out and BOTH MUST possess the underlying qualities.

• When you think of the other person there should be no poison, jealousy, or grudge in your mind. Just pure, truthful, well-wisher feelings.

• You must spend time together discussing your way of thinking and ideologies so as to understand if mentality matches and also to strengthen the bond.

• You must be good listener to each other to provide genuine suggestions.

• "Lying business" and "Concealing facts" should be strictly prohibited.

• You must feel free to share the darkest of secrets without afraid of being judged and also keeping it confidential to the world no matter the case may be.

• You must be interested in each other's personal life and be aware of the decisions taken.

• You must be faithful and reliable to each other.


4) Once found, for how long does a companion remain?

A) If you are lucky enough, this relation may stay lifelong. Otherwise, this status may weaken if life takes an unexpected turn. Like reduction in discussions due to lack of interest, change in field which keeps you apart, etc. Remember that when the story ends, we begin to feel all of it.


Hope the above thoughts help you to find a companion and make your life better.

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