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How to be Happy Forever? | Real meaning of Happiness.

How to be Happy Forever? | Real meaning of Happiness.

It is something that everyone wants to experience and there are so many questions revolving around this term like "What is happiness?", "What is real happiness?", "How can a person be happy for entire life?", "How can someone be happy during adversities?", etc, etc.... Its a very important aspect of life and it should be. Everybody wants to be happy for the whole life, why compromise on that?

Lets begin the thoughts that 'should' surround.

1) Happiness is a State of mind which can be set as per one's wishes. How? We'll see later in illustration.


2) Happiness has to be understood synonymously with terms like Satisfaction/Gratified/Content/Peace/Gratefulness. Is it possible to do so? Keep reading. 


3) A person should be happy NOT "For a Point in Time" BUT "Over the Whole Life". This is where most people misunderstand the real meaning of happiness. 

4) Life and Happiness is to be experienced in Balance and not at the extremes of Highs and Lows. 

Now comes the greatest of illustration that clears the concept of happiness once and for all:

Ever seen ECG readings?


What do we observe?

High points: What are these? These are the points in time when you achieve something, get promotion, birthdays, anniversaries, be overexcited about something, be overwhelmed, feel extremely happy. People wait for these moments to feel happy. But, is it true happiness?. No. These are just momentary and temporary occurences in life that fade away in a very short time. Think about it.! Can you be happy for the whole year waiting for your birthday?. Can you feel happiness for the rest of your life after getting a promotion?

Low points: These are the points and phases in life when you experience sorrow. This is also temporary so be patient and calm to pass through them.

Middle Line: This is the balancing line. This is the majority of time where life happens and this is exactly where the happiness should reside to prolong over the entire life.

What could be the slightest reason to be happy?

Are you alive and breathing? 

If the answer is Yes, you should be happy and this should be enough of a reason to be happy.


What more reasons? 

Do you have shelter?

Do you have food?

Do you have clothes to wear?

Do you have parents?

Do you have all your limbs?

If Yes is coming for these questions as well, a person doesn't need more reasons to be Happy and Satisfied and Content and Grateful and Peaceful. 

Being grateful to slightest of positive happenings changes the state of mind completely and this is the True Happiness.


Hope the above thoughts encourage a better way of living.

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