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Who should be our Ideal? | Whom to follow in Life.

Who should be our Ideal? | Whom to follow in Life? People generally have the tendency to consider someone as their ideal so as to follow and become like that person in life. People choose Celebrities, Parents, Elders, Leaders, Sportsperson, etc as their ideal, but is it the best notion? Lets begin the thoughts that 'should' surround: Who do people choose as an ideal? Mostly this decision is taken considering the behaviour, qualities, achievements, etc. The crux being people need someone to showcase certain level of qualities to become a follower. Suppose you have found such a person in life. But can't there be a better ideal? Can't there be someone with such qualities but at a higher level? Is it not that humans are flawed? Have you chosen the optimum ideal to imbibe in your life? Then, whom to choose?  Ask yourself, why to choose a flawed human as an ideal when you have Gods? When God himself has already exhibited the Highest Possible Standards of Livin