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Who is God? | The Meaning and Concept of God.

Who is God?  | The Meaning and Concept of God. The answer to this topic would vary from religion to religion depending on their beliefs. But we will try to understand it logically without relating it to any religion so that it appeals to the mind rather than spoon-fed beliefs. Alot of questions are supposed to arise. Lets begin the thoughts that 'should' surround: Who is God? Simply said, God is an Energy that created everything out of itself, whatever we can think of, from Nothingness, like astronomical objects, life form, mind, etc. We will refer to it as the God or Energy or the Creator. Now, the list of Questions(Q), Answers(A), and Thoughts(T) arises: Q) Did the Creator create whatever it liked, haphazardly? A) Obviously No, all of it is well planned and well thought of, from the beginning of time, beyond the comprehension of humans as humans are just a very small fraction of such creation. For the creation, the Creator is a mat