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Who is God? | The Meaning and Concept of God: Understanding Beyond Religion

Who is God? | The Meaning and Concept of God | Understanding Beyond Religion

Who is God? This question has sparked philosophical and religious debate for millennia. The answer to this topic would vary from religion to religion depending on their beliefs. But we will try to understand it logically without relating it to any religion so that it appeals to the mind rather than spoon-fed beliefs. Alot of questions are supposed to arise.

Who is God

Let's begin the thoughts that 'should' surround:

Who is God?

Simply said, God is an Energy that created everything out of itself, whatever we can think of, from Nothingness, like astronomical objects, life form, mind, etc. God is the ultimate creator, and we will refer to it as the God or Energy or the Creator.

Energy waves and electricity

Now, the list of Questions(Q), Answers(A), and Thoughts(T) arises:

Q) Did the Creator create whatever it liked, haphazardly?

A) Obviously No, all of it is well planned and well thought of, from the beginning of time, beyond the comprehension of humans as humans are just a very small fraction of such creation. For the creation, the Creator is a matter of belief and source of all hopes.

Q) Shouldn't the creation follow a certain hierarchy to make it explainable?

A) Yes. It should follow certain hierarchy to make it understandable. It needs to follow certain scientific trail so that later the humans could understand something about it. The scientists on earth are performing this job to explore and explain how the earth was formed, the life within, humans, etc. It's like doing back-calculation from bottom to top to reach the understanding of the creator.

After all the arrangements and required structure, humans are created with complex minds.

Eternal human brain on the palm
Congratulations! You are formed,

Now what?

Introspect, brainstorm and ask yourself:

T) The Energy created humans out of itself, just to roam about aimlessly and die, or, with a purpose?

A) Definitely with a Noble Purpose.

T) A new human is created, who would teach it how to walk, how to eat, how to think, how to behave, how to live, what to do in life, what not to do, what is good and bad, whom to follow?

A) Indeed, all of it is the responsibility of the creator to show the path else it would be called just Lazy Creations. God needs to be what God should be, right? Just creating wouldn't suffice. So, Solution to all these, would be providing the Correct Knowledge of Life and Living.

God is everywhere, everything is god
Q) How to impart the knowledge to humans?

A) To absorb the knowledge, the Creator equipped humans with Conscience, Mind and ability to See and Hear.

T) What if the creator just gives a "Book of Knowledge" or "How to Live-Guidelines".

A) Imagine how Thick such a book would be explaining uncountable minor habits and scenarios and responses because every day is an experience in human life. Moreover, not all humans would read, understand and follow it. So, not one, but Numerous Books and Definitely, something More is required along with it.

The book of knowledge

T) How will the humans learn if they can't see or hear anything? How will they follow an intangible Energy?

A) For this, the Energy needs to take One Form for humans to see. Energy that created everything could easily give itself a form. But do you think all the humans would agree upon following one form? So, Many forms would be required to satisfy the humans but being the Same Energy at the Source.

T) So, Form and Book, meaning the Form will read out the book to humans? So boring and unattractive.!

A) The Creator should provide a graphical presentation like a Story which is Entertaining to humans and imparts all the required knowledge too. The Form itself should live through Life, setting the Best Standards and Examples so that the humans could Adore and Follow it. And just by easily following it, the Purpose of life too, gets fulfilled. The Life should be that much Easy.

Waves of energy
T) If everything was so easy, wouldn't everyone fulfill their purpose and be gone? How will the show last longer?

A) For this, the creator would make something like a Blanket of Illusion making the humans not realize the purpose and be happily confined within it.


Conclusion: It's the Creator who is responsible for giving all the correct answers. Look towards it. Whichever philosophy fulfills all the above, should be the philosophy of the humans as a whole.

Comment down if any of the religions you know, checks out all such logic and fulfills all the requirements.

Hope it helps in building up your mind better.!

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